Tuesday, April 19, 2011

All is not lost

Hey everyone. No I've not dropped off the edge of the earth.

I am gearing up for another season of mentoring for another gentoo gsoc project. This time it will be for porthole. This project is to finish to back-end re-structuring and create a new pkgcore back-end.

Other news, I am now the developer/maintainer for layman. I have implemented the new api I did last year. Extending and improving it some more. I have also moved the cli to use the new api. This has resulted in a 20-35% speed increase for the testing I've done. I've also started a porthole plug-in for it.

Even more porthole news:
Paul Varner has done some work and has helped me get porthole working in a prefix install. I am finishing up the changes, porting them from the dev branch into the master branch code. I'll push out a live ebuild and/or a -0.6.2_beta release hopefully soon. There has not been much in feature additions. mostly more code re-structure and cleanup so it should be easier to modify and maintain. some bugfixes...

Here is a screenshot of porthole running on fuzzyray's mac.

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