Friday, December 11, 2009


It looks like I've nearly got it all working. I have been creating a custom highlighting view for the ChangeLogs.

See for yourself...

When it's done you'll also be able to click on the bug #'s to open your browser to bugzilla's bug

gotta go... more later.

I have it all working now including opening your browser opening bugzilla to the bug number.

next on the list is to customize the installed files view and add functionality there too.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dependencies revamp

Lately I've been working on a revamp of the dependencies code. I have made good progress at cleaning up the code base for easier maintainability and updating to all the latest EAPI's. It now caches dependency atoms to save memory and help speed things along. I have also made the dependency tree fully dynamic and deps can be expanded as long as there are unsatisfied deps or options to expand. And because of this it loads so much quicker due to it not digging deep into the tree. It is done piecemeal every time an expander is toggled open.

I have already completed syntax highlighting for the ebuild view and am working on a custom highlighted ChangeLog view that works with the new view structure I've started using.

Also in svn are translation updates for German (Timo Gurr) and Polish (Arkadiusz Kowalski) so a very big "Thank you" for your work.

All the other languages are in need of translation updates so if you are capable, please help to update the translations. I plan to release -0.6.1 by Christmas with some exciting feature improvements and several bugs I've fixed.

Til next time... Brian.