Sunday, May 1, 2011

Porthole 2011 GSOC project starting

Porthole has been chosen as one of this years GSOC projects. The project will encompass a complete re-structuring of porthole's backend so that it can make use of a new (soon to be stable) portage public API. Stable at this point means mostly a non changing interface for directly operating portage, getting information directly from portage while the backend code can change without fear of constant breakage for consumer apps like porthole.

The student doing the work is Cazou, the same person that worked to port kuroo to QT4 last year. This restructure is needed so that porthole can work even better with portage. It is also needed to be able to work properly with pkgcore which a backend for it will also be produced. That will give you more options as far as package managers are concerned.

More on this later...

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