Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Well, I've gotten everything rebased to layman again and merged into master. Along the way are several more fixes to the work I started in overlord. It is available in the layman-9999 ebuild in the main portage tree.

I'd appreciate all those that test it to make sure I haven't broken anything. I want to make a few more smaller changes to the code before making a layman-1.5 release. So test away, let me know of any problems or quirks that need tweaking.

With that part behind me , I've started to work on extending porthole's plugin system to be able to add custom views via plug-ins. My main goal is to get a layman plug-in working for porthole. I plan to use the existing porthole layout using the category listings for the installed, main remote list, add in lists. The package view for the short info listing and the summary (or possibly it's own tab) for the detailed info. With that part accomplished, I'll add the ability to add, delete, sync repositories.

Back to layman, I was thinking of adding a file in the same vein as portage and the main tree to record the last sync time. With that, i'll extend the layman cli to include an option to list the last sync time(s). It will also be available to api consumer apps like portholes layman plugin.

Layman related, I've been in touch with the dev that created a new git-2.eclass to see about extending it to be able to handle multiple listed EGIT_URI's with in it's declaration. That way if there are multiple protocols available or server locations it can be cloned from, it can cycle through them until one succeeds. just like layman does for adding an overlay to your system. That way if you are behind a firewall and the git:// protocol can not get through, it will try the next uri which may very well be an http:// protocol which can succeed. That should make live ebuilds more accessible to users.

meanwhile back to coding... :)

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  1. I appreciate your hardwork and dilligence in this. I use layman and porthole quite a lot. As you know from chatting with me, I'd be willing to help out.