Monday, March 22, 2010

status update

I've been a little busy lately and haven't had much time for a new post. I have the eclean re-write working good and have several unit tests for it, but to test it all would mean having 10 times the code just to run the tests on the real code. You will be able to try out the re-write in the gentookit-0.3.0_rc10 release coming out soon. For cleaning the packages directory it now relies on emaint from portage to fix the Packages index file. For now it runs it in a sub-process from eclean, but I hope to get some changes approved to emaint, so that eclean will be able to use it directly. It will then not disrupt the output from eclean like it will for now. Gentoolkit is now going to be python-3 capable and will require a minimum of python-2.6 to work correctly. Also, for those not following the gentoo-soc mail list, an idea for a network enabled eclean version was brought up that would be useful for central NFS servers serving the distfiles or packages directories. With that i have been able to deduce that it will not take much more work to add shared disfiles and/or packages ecleaning ability. So perhaps look for that feature in the near future, perhaps in gentoolkit-0.3.1.

It also looks like my knee injury is nearly healed up and I may be returning to work soon. A good thing about that is it might help to shed the 20+lbs of weight I put on since the injury.

I also need to code some additional modules for the new analyse utility I started, along with a major backend re-structuring for porthole. I've been also asked to clarify some of the analyse descriptions, abilities that I posted about earlier. So look for that this week. That's it for now.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I finally got another porthole release out. I had been dragging my heels a little about it, but I also found a fixed a few more bugs. So this should hopefully be a release that makes it to a stable keyword. There was one potential bug in 0.6.0 that I found which could make an annoyance to fix for a user, not critical. So I did not push for it to go stable. (Although far buggier apps get stable keywords)

Porhole-0.6.1 has added a number of small features, like a highlighted eduild viewer which uses gtksourceview and the gentoo syntax highlighting rules. The Changelog has been completely re-vamped and now sports a new custom highlighting view. I so need to improve it slightly for dealing with overlays that do not have a changelog file so that it will look in the main tree for that one.

That covers most of the visible changes to porthole since the 0.6.0 release. I have been busy working on elclean code and have it ready for adding in an emaint binhost call to fix the packages index file. So on that note with the porthole release out the door I got busy splitting up the portage emaint program so that it's modules could be used directly by other python apps or portage front-ends (think porthole plug-in). So I'm hoping the powers that be like the emaint changes I've made, one of which is a modular plug-in system for emaint modules. It makes it easy to add or remove modules to the utility as changes are needed or additional functionality is created. Without the need to change the cli or gui front-end. So with that pretty much done I'm getting back to completing the eclean rewrite so it can be merged back into trunk for a release.

I have also done some more work on the new analyse utility, but will leave that for another post so I can better explain it.