Sunday, April 25, 2010

Busy, busy, busy,...

Wow, April has been a very busy month. I meant to keep you updated to the goings on, but didn't seem to get to it. My daughter's softball season has been up and going, not to mention all the other activities that she needs to be brought to, etc.... I have been starting back to work also on a part time basis, but my knee doesn't seem to be handling more than a 4 hour shift. I have also become a gentoo mentor for the Google Summer Of Code program. That has taken up quite a bit of time as well reading/evaluating proposals. I believe the announcement for the GSOC will come out later today (this is still my night before). I have also been contacting the other portage gui front-end developers to begin discussing the upcoming merge into portage of a public API. Coding wise I have not been able to accomplish much, mostly fix some bugs in gentoolkit, and do a little more work to portage's emaint that I've been re-working so that all its modules are available as import-able modules for use by portage, other maintenance tools, or even possible gui front-ends or plug-ins.

Oh, and some great news!!!! I have put in a stabilization request for porthole. So far it has a ppc stable keyword, approval for x86 and sparc to go stable, I just need to get the ebuild updated. So if you use porthole on any of the arch's that aren't marked stable, get after the arch team to stabilize it. If you are using it on an arch that is not yet listed in the ebuild, speak up, open a bug to get your arch added to the list.

Anyway, I have a busy day ahead for me tomorrow, so I should head off to bed. I'll be in touch about the gsoc project I'll be mentoring after the official announcement has been made.

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