Sunday, July 25, 2010

I've been a lazy blogger

For the few people following my blog, sorry I haven't posted anything for such a long time. The google summer of code project is well underway. My student is doing well.

I am mentoring a student for the kuroo project to revitalize it and bring it up to date with kde4 and integrate a new portage api into it so that it can keep current with changes in the vdb, etc.. It should bring a well liked portage gui back to life.

So a progress report:

kde4 porting is done and it has been changed to not rely on kde4 specificly but QT4. that should make it more portable to other desktops without the need of having more kde packages installed.

There is a kuroo4 live ebuild and a kuroo overlay, along with that are some other development pkgs. A layman-8888 ebuild that installs a branch I coded which creates a high level API to perform all layman actions. Unlike the command line interface this api is import-able into other programs, so running it in a terminal is not needed. In fact it will no be able to fully incorporate layman into any of the current/future portage gui's. To go along with that, Cazou has created c-layman which is a c interface lib that connects any program that can incorporate c lib's into it's sources. This is needed for kuroo as well as others to be able to interface with the api.

The new portage api, I have begun coding. I haven't gotten far with it yet, but I do need to get it done soon or Cazou will run out of work aside from chasing down bugs. Many of which are related to the old kuroo method of reading the portage metadata cache directly.

Porthole has been suffering lately as a result. I put out a -r2 to fix the missing import stopping it from saving config file changes to /etc/make.conf or /etc/portage/* files. And as a result of the way I have my system permissions, failed to get the patch correct, so it still doesn't work. I'll get it fixed soon, I promise.

I now have a working kvm setup using an init script from Brian Harring who is now a council member. With it I now have few kvm images that I can use for testing. One of those is a kde4 based desktop. Mostly for kuroo4 testing. I will be creating and using more images to better test porthole before releasing new versions so I can avoid the few blunders of the current ones.

My knee is doing a lot better and I have returned to work full time. I also am able to get some of the house/yard work done. We had been planning a number of house/yard reno's for many years and got some financing arranged last year. My knee injury postponed any progress on that front. But we have been getting started on a few things now. This weekend is a big cleanup push. I've been clearing some bushes, blackberries, etc. from along an old rotted fence, which is next on my list.

If there is anyone out there that wants to help incorporate any of the new things into porthole, give me a shout. I am going to be busy for the next year with work and house reno's so won't have the time I spent last fall/winter. There is lot's of new possibilities, improvements to porthole that need some coding.

That's all for now. I promise to keep this blog updated more frequently...

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