Saturday, November 21, 2009

gentoolkit fun

I've been having some fun working with djanderson on the gentoolkit equery code. We've made great speed improvements to the depends module for reverse dep searches. The real speed improvements were by djanderson's rewrite of the base search code after I had initially split it up into separate search and print modules. There have been 2 benefits so far
  1. Is that consumer apps will be able to import the python modules for its own use without having to parse terminal output. Great for making a plugin for porthole (my original intent)
  2. Is the major speed improvement as a result of the complete rewrite of all the dependency related code from the original package object into its own class. The speeds are now about 25% that of the original code. most equery depends package will now be around the 2 to 3 second mark instead of 8 to 12 seconds. Really long detailed searches are down from 2 - 3 minutes to around 2o seconds!
With the depends module nearing its completion, I'll get back to working on the belongs module. Maybe we'll be able to get more speed out of that one as well.

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