Saturday, November 14, 2009

First Rambling's

Welcome to my blog.

Well, this is something new to me. It was suggested that I get a blog to help promote Porthole and to get more feedback, etc. So here goes, It seems that like most things, they change and evolve. I remember a time when the forums were buzzing with activity. Some of that activity seems to have been replaced by blogs. I have been reading a few of the Gentoo dev's blogs and find them informative, interesting and can be a good source of knowledge. I hope to do well in that respect and not blab on about nonsense or get too carried away into details few people will care about.

Anyway, I am currently the only developer/maintainer for Porthole, It is a graphical gui front-end for Gentoo's package management system "portage". I was not the original creator(s), They were Daniel G. Taylor and Fredrik Arnerup. I started in fairly early in it's development cycle and have continued with it. There have been others that have come and contributed some good advancements and features over the years, but I am currently alone in it's development.

I welcome feedback from users, both good and not so good as to how they use porthole and things they might like added or changed. As in nearly all things, that does not mean it shall be done, but it does help evolve things for the better. I will try to get things done in a timely manner, but it is something I do in my spare time for fun, relaxation and good mental exercise. A person has to keep those synapses firing :)

I have recently released porthole-0.6.0 final after several years of trying to get it finished. This last big update from -0.5.x was a major one, porthole's code was getting too large and unwieldy in many ways and was in need of a major slice and dice. This has sped things up significantly and reduced it's memory usage. Along the way I have been able to add more features and improve functionality of others. There is still far more that I want to achieve with the code and user interface, but that discussion will have to wait for other blog entries.

Take care...

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