Sunday, November 15, 2009

Back to coding

Current coding work I'm poking at:

  • I've just added syntax highlighting to the ebuild view courtesy of portato code. I would have done it earlier, but for trying to get the final version done with. I didn't want to add yet another change that might delay it's release due to more testing being needed...
  • I've updated the file chooser widget used from the deprecated gtk.FileSelector to the new gtl.FileChooserDialog. It does also have file filtering options, and if I've done my testing correctly should be working properly everywhere it's used.
  • I've gotten back to the dev branch that I'm using to split out all hard-coded emerge commands. The commands used to build the command lines used for emerging, etc. will come from config file(s). That will allow a user to customize the actual commands sent to the terminal. ie. use a custom wrapper script. It will also make it possible to use pkgcore commands for the merge. Once it is working, I'm sure some pkgcore devs will help to make a pkgcore backend for the information gathering as well.
  • I've added a USE Flag tab to the package notebook. It is currently not selectable since I do not have any code for it yet. I plan to separate out the advanced emerge use flag portion of code into its own module so it can be used in both places, or anywhere else in the future.

Gentoolkit: I've begun poking around the gentoolkit code to see about using it for a plug-in module. I'm sad to say it was not designed to be used as an imported module. That said, I've seen on #gentoo-portage that djanderson has been working on the code. I've contacted him and have begun re-writing some of the code to separate out the data gathering and printing to the screen. This will improve the code base overall along with some major updates he is working on which will make the code py3k compliant as well as keep it up to date with current portage.
Together the changes should speed things up some for command line users. It will also make it possible for apps like porthole to import the gentoolkit code for its internal use and display of info such as reverse dependencies. (the first module I worked on splitting up)

Gpytage: A nice little gui utulity program for editing your /etc/portage/package.* files. I had helped Ken out a little in the past. I have started to poke at him some more to finish some updates he was doing so I can help debug it. I also hope to add some code to validate the entries and report any obsolete data & package entries. That code will come from another standalone utility script that I came across some time back. It will need some slight re-write to make into a library module and separate command line script. I am getting anxious waiting to make a plug-in module for porthole which will be linked in to the summary view and its menus. The existing version in the tree is somewhat outdated with portage, so will not be use-able. The new code will have a significantly different API.

IRC: I've created a #porthole support channel on freenode. feel free to drop by and chat. I can also be found on #gpytage, #gentoo-guis, #gentoo-portage, #gentoo-amd64, #gentoo-desktop, #pkgcore. I have been playing around with bots a little as well. You'll find a basic bot called portholes there. I intend to replace "portholes" with a different more powerful bot when I get the chance to get it set up.

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