Friday, February 19, 2010

New gentoolkit utility --- analyse

Well, I've gone and done it again, I haven't finished the eclean re-write and I've found something else to work on. It all started from a forum post. He wanted to fix his mistakes and it looked like the only way was the hard way.

Having been doing more gentoolkit coding I put together a quick and dirty python script to output some USE flag info about his installed pkgs. With that and me saying I could add some more code to spit out a package.use file populated with what is installed/what flags enabled/disabled. I have now been coding it up and have it now working for USE flag analysis and rebuild. I plan on adding more so it can analyse and repair keywords and mask files too.

I also would like to code up yet another /etc/portage/package.* cleaning tool. Since It'll have nearly/all the functions needed for gathering the info, may as well do that too. All the main functionality will also be importable for other apps to use as library functions/methods.

analyse rebuild -pv use

analyse analyse -uv use

left: showing the output of the report. Enabled USE flags are marked with a leading + and colored blue. Disabled USE flags are marked - and colored red. Unset USE flags are plain text.

It also indicates if the flag is a system default, the number of packages that have it enabled/disabled/unset and using the --verbose option lists the packages.

right: Part way down the report. notice that mplayer has faac faad flags enabled but ffmpeg does not. Something that I didn't notice before. Now I know to set them for ffmpeg too.

This last one shows the totals at the end of the analyse report.

Also if you can think of a good "e" name for it to go along with the other gentoolkit apps like eclean & equery. Post a comment.

some of the names so far:
  • erepair
  • esylana (analyse spelled backward)

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