Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I finally got around to another quick blog post. I have been able to get some coding work done on porthole again. I hope to make a few improvements to existing features, nothing major. Then I'll get a new release out. After that I'll continue to produce a new plug-in for gentoolkit and another one for layman.

On the gentoolkit front I've just coded up another small analyse module "packages" to print out all the installed packages and the use flag settings. It is not 100% complete yet. I did this one for likewhoa who needed it for the livedvd release info. With some additional feedback from him, I am going to add csv output so that it can be used to accumulate stats on user's systems when submitted to an accumulation site. There currently isn't one being done anymore, likewhoa is planning to add one.

On the layman front, I've been doing some more coding. I've created new cli backend code that uses the new api I created. It has sped a few things up, and I've added a little more code to the api which has helped to make it more universal and a little faster.

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