Thursday, January 7, 2010

Translators Needed

I have porthole pretty much ready for another release. I have the translation files updated with any string changes and ready for a final edit.

  1. Polish language is fully updated (just need to commit it). Thank you, Arkadiusz Kowalski.
  2. German is nearly up to date, a few minor strings to check, Thank you, Timo Gurr.
  3. French, is in need of checking and/or fixing.
  4. Italian, is in need of updates.
  5. Russian, is in need of updates.
  6. Vietnamese, is in need of updates.
If you would like to see porthole translated into your language please leave a comment or email me. It is quite simple to do, just takes some time and knowledge of both English and the target language. There are tools like poedit to help.

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